Works – Salary Support

Labor Law finds its solution as OIKONOMOTEXNIKH and its experienced staff and partners are at the service of their clients seeking help and support from experienced executives who are well aware of the huge changes in daily workplaces. Provides solutions to any problem that arises in Payroll (DPA, FMF, etc.) and its obligations towards the State and the employee. ) the proportional remuneration calculated by the total number of employees in a company.

We support:

  • Payroll analysis by cost center
  • Assistance in case of control by insurance funds
  • Advice on labor legislation
  • Solving labor disputes until the presence of a lawyer
  • Manage recruitments, voluntary departures or dismissals
  • Support in the design of flexible and economical working hours
  • Guidance and mediation for the conclusion of business contracts
  • Payroll maintenance, calculation of staff salaries and contributions
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