Land registry

What is the land registry and who is it about?

The Land registry is the first documented Greek attempt to register all real estate (and the rights therein) throughout the Greek territory.

Land registry is for everyone. The declaration of ownership in the land register is legally binding and is a prerequisite for any future property transaction (eg transfer, parental benefit or donation. Also, no building permit can be issued for any property not filed..

And if I do not register my property?

If there are real estate and agricultural land that will not be declared within the deadlines, they will be classified as "unidentified owner" and will fall into public property and will be transferred to the Treasury (Hellenic Holding and Property SA) established with the third party. a memorandum with a view to partially repaying the country's debt through the sale of public property and secondly to investing them in the state.

Ways to Submit a Property Statement

1) Going to the Land Registry itself or somebody else authorized

  • Presentation of a statement to the Land Registry - Calculation of the land registration fee.
  • Paying a fee to a bank.
  • Presentation of proof of payment and final registration and filing.

2) Through the online application

  • Online registration of property registration (Owner details - Choice of county - Property details and type - Detection of property - Completion of property rights and title deeds)
  • Scan and submit attachments
  • Payment of land registration fee by debit or credit card
  • Completion of the procedure and final submission

Necessary supporting documents

  • Statement E9
  • Topographic chart of real estate
  • Proof of proof for the taxpayer ID
  • Copy of transcript certificate
  • Photocopy of Identity Card or Passport
  • Photocopy of title proving the right of property (eg ownership contract, inheritance declaration, etc.)
  • 35 € per property right and 20 € for auxiliary spaces 35 € per property in rural areas and up to two properties, regardless of their total number.

Fines for late submission

Α) Right within an urban area

  • For undeveloped plot of less than 400 sq.m.
    –Fine 70 €
  • For unfinished plot of land of more than 400 sq.m
    –Fine 120 €
  • For plot with building up to 200 sq.m.
    –Fine 150 €
  • For a plot with a building of more than 200 sq.m.
    –Fine 250 €
  • For a plot with a building of more than 200 sq.m.
    –Fine 100 €
  • For shared ownership of more than 200 sq.m.
    –Fine 250 €
  • For auxiliary space (self-contained)
    –Fine 50 €

Β) Right in a rural area

  • For unstructured plot of less than 4,000 sq.m.
    –Fine 70 €
  • For unstructured plot of over 4,000 sq.m.
    –Fine 100 €
  • For a plot of over 4,000 sq.m. with a building
    –Fine 200 €
  • For any other right (eg work etc)
    –Fine 70 €
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