Legal persons – Non-profit organizations

Our experience in book keeping for associations, sports clubs, non-profit organizations, non-profit organizations (NGOs etc.) allows us to provide you with the full range of accounting work for the aforementioned legal entities.

Indicatively we provide:

  • Keeping and updating the income and expense book (cash book)
  • Keeping and updating a book of fixed assets
  • Keeping and updating the book of minutes of the General Assembly of members
  • Keeping and updating a Book of Practical Boards
  • Creation of documents of Audit Committee, Tax Committee, Budget, Report
  • Tips for keeping and updating a Member Book
  • Tips for keeping and updating an athlete's book
  • Completion of all tax liabilities (eg income tax return, customer / supplier consolidated statements, VAT return, etc.)
  • Advice on staff recruitment as appropriate (hiring coaches, administrative staff, etc.). Choosing a way to deal with any employment issue after discussing with the client and tailored to your needs
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